Our Services

Complete Construction Services

Veteran Design & Construction, Inc. puts a great deal of time and effort into every project its team undertakes. Highly qualified specialists leave no stone unturned when working to devise calculated solutions for design, design-build, and renovation projects. 

VDCI also keeps a keen eye trained on energy conservation and sustainability, as well as commissioning processes that ensure a project’s design is perfectly aligned with the needs of the facility in question.

A Proven Track Record

Throughout the years, VDCI’s incomparable design and construction contractor services have delivered lasting innovation for a number of esteemed clientele, such as the National Cancer Institute, the Social Security Administration, the Federal Bureau of Prisons, and Howard University, among many others.

The company offers the following:

Design & Construction Services

Energy Efficiency Improvements

Large Scale Renovations

Diverse Projects Delivered with Equal Passion

Though no two projects are ever the same – whether VDCI is building a more ecofriendly lab, constructing a new commercial complex, or revolutionizing your company’s energy consumption – its team takes a comprehensive approach to an unparalleled commitment to excellence. Contact VDCI today to learn how its construction contractor service can help you.