Design-Build Construction Company

Building Relationships

Even the smallest construction sites can become a morass of heavy lifting, hard bargains, and weighty decisions if the wrong general contractor is brought onboard. Veteran Design & Construction, Inc. can help property owners streamline the process considerably, while ensuring that all parties involved remain on the same page from start to finish.

VDCI offers our clients a single, accountable point of contact throughout a project’s entirety. Both designers and builders are uniquely located in-house, which translates into continuous, efficient, and cost-effective results for our customers.

Most importantly, VDCI places an emphasis on customer involvement, and strives to reduce stress and minimize errors by maximizing communication.


VDCI’s design and construction services include:

  • Design – Using the latest design technology, VDCI can draft complete architectural and engineering plans for your construction project to be sent out for competitive bids by contractors.
  • Design/Build – In this increasingly popular method of construction, the VDCI team provides both design and construction services in-house, ensuring a streamlined process from the first drawings to your building’s grand opening and beyond.
  • Bid Build – In this more traditional method, VDCI competitively bids on construction projects for which architectural designs have already been completed.

Building Results

As a premier construction contractor, VDCI works closely with clients to create optimal plans for every job it signs its name to. Staff designers will schedule an initial consultation to discuss your ideas, and will use them to devise calculated solutions to suit your project’s specifications.


Building a Reputation

As a design/build construction company, VDCI has handled it all:

  • Research facilities
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Retirement communities
  • Historic Preservation
  • Office complexes
  • Student housing
  • And more

Contact VDCI today to learn more about its portfolio, and to find out how the design build construction company’s expertise can be applied to your next project.