Energy Efficient Improvements

Smaller Footprint, Larger Rewards

“Green building” has increasingly become the rule of design and general contracting, rather than the exception. Forging buildings and structures that leave a smaller footprint on our environment is a noble cause and a competitive industry.

The team at Veteran Design & Construction, Inc., is fully committed to sustainable building construction and energy conservation, and its highly-trained specialists are adept at striking a balance between being responsible and revolutionary, while remaining cost-effective for all clients.

Long Lasting LEED Construction

VDCI has extensive experience working on Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) construction projects. Its environmentally-conscious efforts extend not simply throughout construction, but throughout the life cycle of the building, itself. From conceptualization to maintenance, renovation, and demolition, its crews closely collaborate to guarantee that the following criteria are met:

  • Using resources efficiently (energy, water, etc.)
  • Protecting occupant health
  • Reducing waste and pollution
  • Preventing environmental degradation

To learn more about sustainable building construction, contact VDCI today.